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;Berlin - Greatest Hits Remixed

I haven't listened to this entire CD yet, but I downloaded the Mission UK's remix of "Take My Breath Away" from iTunes last night, and it is truly amazing! It's modern, it's haunting, and a little bit trance/techno-goth, but still absolutely gorgeous. It puts Jessica Simpson's nasal bubble-gum version to shame a thousand times over.

I'd recommend the CD for that song alone, unless you have iTunes and can download the song by itself.

Like Blondie, Berlin is a female-fronted new wave band with a lead singer (Terri Nunn) who can really belt, although Nunn is more in-your-face than Debbie Harry. Their music is submerged new wave synth-pop that is varied most successfully by Nunn's agile vocal arrangements. In "No More Words," she first yells and then drops to a scathing whisper, only to attack again; it's scary enough to make any man cower. "Take My Breath Away" is a beautiful from-the-gut ballad, so large and deep in scope that it commands your full attention. In "The Metro" she puts you on a train, sullen and melancholy, going nowhere. --Beth Bessmer

Pleasure Victim, Love Life, and this work are all well worth a listen. And the prices are just fantastic! I thought I'd be plunking down full price and Belin is here at "bargain bin" prices. I can't recall every song on this one of the top of my head, but the sound is not all that different from the harder rocking songs on Love Life. Personally, "Like Flames" and "Will I Ever Understand You" are just incredible songs, and I'm interested to hear "Pink and Velvet" if Gilmore plays on it also. "Take My Breath Away" is a #1 single, it's worth including too, though for those of us who were fans of the early lyrics ("Torture" is worthy of a cover by Manson or Reznor) this one does come off as a little tame. Or at least on first listen. You take my breath away ... all of it? --Michael A. Rinella

If you're a casual fan or only vaguely familiar with Berlin, this is a great primer. It's affordable, concise and has all the hits. --Eric P. Morris

It was SO nice to see some new material from Berlin. The live cuts are great and lively and Terri Nunn never sounded better. The new material, some live and some recorded, ain't bad either. I really liked "Steps" and "XGirl," written with Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Gos.

Its nice to see that at least one 80s band has not disappeared and is still kicking a-s! --Stephen Byrnes

As I listened to all of this CD, I kept asking myself why I didn't buy this when it first came out in 1983! I'd always heard Sex played on the radio and never investigated further. This CD is a great example of early 80s rock, with poppy-sounding synthesizers out in front and of course, Terri Nunn's sensual voice. If you can get past the overplayed Sex (I'm a ...) and listen to the rest of this CD, you'll realize what an enjoyable listen it is. Nothing wrong of course with Sex (I'm a ..), but if you think that's all Berlin was, you're missing a lot. Songs like The Metro (Yeah!!), Tell Me Why, World of Smiles (*g*), and the title track all sound hot. BTW, the bonus track is an extended version of Sex and while it doesn't add much to the CD, it's still a hoot to listen to, especially the ending.

Berlin only put out this EP and two albums in its original incarnation. The band reformed in 1999 with Terri back on vocals. I beleive they're currently working on a new CD. It will be interesting to see if it reaches the same heights and energy as this one did way back when. --Todd Hawley


I purchased Voyeur the day it came out...after seeing the new Berlin line up play Houston back in May I could hardly wait for the release date. The new songs were so strong live, that I recognized them the first listen to the CD.
The "single" Blink of an Eye is not one of the best and may give a false representation of the album, I recommend the intoxication of "Drug", the seductive rape fantasy "Stranger on the Bus" and the ballad "Stronger than Steel" Almost every song is a gem, illustrating different vocal talent. BUY THIS CD and RECOMMEND IT TO will not be disappointed. And please slap anyone who says, "Oh Berlin, from Top Gun" Berlin should not be remembered for that :) --Jerry Imburgia


Love Life

Having been a product of the '80s, I will always have a soft spot for the music that came out of that decade. Well most of it anyways. I grew up on new wave music. Unknowingly, I was getting my first taste of music that influence the goth scene by such bands like Depeche Mode and Erasure. Another favorite new wave band that I have always adored is Berlin. I loathed that treacly ballad that Terri Nunn and the gang did for the "Top Gun" soundtrack but otherwise I loved their brand of synth-pop. "No More Words" is by far my favorite song of theirs. I can never tire listening to that particular song. Although it is in dire need of a remastering job, "Love Life" still holds up quite well twenty years later. It is one of my personal favorite new wave albums. The songs are just incredibly catchy, especially on tracks like "Beg, Steal, or Borrow" and "When We Make Love". Think Depeche Mode with female vocals. Yeah some of the lyrics are corny but I still love them. Gotta love the '80s for all the cheesiness that it produced.--Erica Anderson


The '80s pop group Berlin went south about the time the wall of the same name was razed. Now one of them has returned--and it ain't the one with a Checkpoint Charlie. No, former sex kitten (now sex cat?) Terri Nunn is back fronting her band, promoting a new album (
Voyeur ) and performing in this 14-song, 76-minute (including between-song interview bits) show, recorded in an L.A. studio in 2002. Nunn is the only remaining original member, but Berlin is still about electro-dance music with a Europop sheen, and, especially, sex, with the singer now joined onstage by scantily clad dancers and a female backup vocalist to add to the general sensuality of the scene. The music is a mix of old hits ("No More Words," "Sex (I'm A)," "Take My Breath Away"), songs from the new CD, and a couple of covers, all delivered with considerable power and enthusiasm (and sometimes even in tune) by Nunn and company. Slap this one in the DVD player and prepare to party. --Sam Graham