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VH1 is looking for me? Why would anyone care about me?  The thought aroused my suspicions immediately.  Friends warned me.  "They are going to make you look bad.  Don't do it."  So when I finally met Aamer at my office and he mentioned the "reunion idea" it all made sense.   They are trying to make us look bad.  One rehearsal and do a show?!!??  Were they kidding?  What about?????? , blah, blah, etc. etc…  But the idea of seeing my old band mates all together was such a cool idea I could not resist.  I may look bad, but I am going to have a great time doing it.

It was an awesome time.  Seeing Ric and David, Matt and Terri, and the long lost drummer Rod was so special.  Each of them occupy a place in my heart that was easily touched and brought back to life again.   Having cameras hovering over you when you see someone for the first time in twenty years is not the ideal situation, but nothing could stop us from making the most of this opportunity.  Special thanks to Brenda and everyone at VH1 for their professionalism and kindness.  I think we were all afraid to tell them that we were really never that popular.  Why were they treating us like "rock stars"?

Then to the show.  I am 46 years old with a wife, 3 children and a relationship with God that humbles me.  I felt very uncomfortable being on stage.  I felt like a spectator.  I wanted to sit with my wife and smile at the joy I was hearing and seeing from my old friends.  I wanted to listen to Terri's passionate voice.  I wanted to share Rick and Matt's youthful (in spirit anyway) enthusiasm.  I was touched by Rod's nervousness.  I was inspired by David's intelligence and talent.  I knew it was not real.  I hoped it would never end.   I reasoned it should never have happened.   I thought I had let it all go.  It frightened me how easily it grabbed ahold of me again. 

I really don't think about the TV show.   I just want to keep in touch with the friends who I shared so much with.   I am so grateful I have the opportunity to be a friend again. 


-John Crawford

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