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Good morning Brenda, Rod here.  Just a few thoughts:

I'm sitting here thinking about the weekend coming up, and now that I know it's happening I can't help but ask myself a few questions (I apologize for not bringing this up earlier):

Why me?  Am I the only one from the band willing to talk with VH1?  It seems like this whole thing (with me at least) was thrown together at the last minute.  What's going to be expected from me?

What do I really have to gain by flying out there and giving up five days of my life?  I could care less about being on television.  I was more interested in saying hi to old friends.  I make a good salary and am having to give up my last three vacation days to fly out, without even knowing what to expect.  Can you see my reasoning here?  This is costing me money and time away from my family.

Lastly (and I can't do anything about this one), I didn't know you were part of MTV, the station the advertises condoms on the air for all our children.  That station is banned from our household......honestly.  We barely tolerate VH1.

Don't take any of this personally Brenda, I just need to be honest up front.  I'm not even sure what your capacity is at VH1.......maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree. 

Truly Yours,




Looking back, the biggest surprise to me about this whole thing was that it was a band reunion.  You totally had me convinced that I was the only one being interviewed.  I really didn't want to come out and make a big deal of this.  I did, after all, quit the band.  However, I did think that I had a good chance of saying hi to some of my old friends.  That was the clincher for me.  But a reunion?......with everyone?.....and we were supposed to play?.............................never again in my lifetime!!  I would have never guessed that anyone would have wanted this to happen, much less with the whole band agreeing to do it.  When I was picked up at the airport I was really taken back.  The whole camera crew was hidden in the limousine, waiting for me. A total shocker.......I was floored.  I had a hard time with my interview.  I had never really been interviewed before in my life like this.  After all, I was only a drummer.  Especially having to recall what I went through 20 years ago. I was extremely uncomfortable and very nervous about the whole thing.  I did very poorly on the interview (I believe) and it just about made me sick that night in the hotel room.  I thought I blew it.  I couldn't eat or sleep.  In fact I couldn't eat for two days afterwards.

At the day of the reunion I don't know why you brought me in last, but it made me feel very appreciated.  The welcome from everyone was so sincere and emotional.  Any questionable feelings I had in the past about any of these guys vaporized in an instant.  I felt restored and very humbled.  I recovered something that day that I never knew I had lost.  Friendship.  From there it only got better.

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